Saint Nicolas and the Dutch treats

Paris is not known to celebrate Saint Nicolas like the Dutch do, but at A Priori Thé we respect the tradition. This year we prepare some Dutch Saint Nicolas specialities the A Priori Thé way (home made), you can enjoy the Dutch treats from december 6 on.

If you want to get your hands dirty and entertain kids, here’s a recipe for home made “Pepernoten”: spicy mini cookies. Easy to make but rolling the balls at marble size can get a bit long, hence a couple of kids can be handy (disclaimer: A priori Thé does not promote child labour but hey, as a mother of three I’d say you got to keep them little ones busy and off the streets during the dark months !)

250 gr flour (self raising or normal flour with baking powder incorporated)
125 gr dark brown sugar (if not available use white sugar, the Pepernoten will be lighter in color but taste the same)
100 gr butter
pinch of salt
2 Tsp Speculaas spices (cinnamon 5 parts, clove 2,5 parts, cardamon 2 parts, ginger 1 parts, all spices should be in dry and powdered form)
2-3 Tsp milk

Mix by hand or machine the ingredients into a ball.
Divide into parts and give it to each child (make sure you give out equal parts to avoid the endless fairness discussions)
Have them roll marble size balls with their washed hands.
Place them on a baking sheet covered oven tray with a bit of distance between them (I’m talking dough balls and not the kids of course !)
Bake in preheated oven (175°C) for about 15 minutes. (They should be cooked trough so they become crunchy all the way)
Let the Pepernoten cool. Eventual left-overs are best stored dry in a cookie jar.
Happy Sinterklaas greetings from Sonja (the Dutch cultural specialist)!


One response to “Saint Nicolas and the Dutch treats

  1. Cousin Tom from USA

    I’m going to try this recipe for PERPERNOTEN cookies…thanks cuz, we love you..Merry Christmas:)

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