Saint Lucia and the lussekatt

Tuesday December 13 is Saint Lucia Day, a day celebrating the light in the darkness. In Sweden it’s a tradition to make and eat sweet saffron buns a.k.a. lussekatt. And they put candles on girls’ heads as well (like in this video below).

At A Priori Thé we opted to celebrate St Lucia with the saffron buns (thinking it would be nicer for you than having our staff walk around with candles on their heads)
On Tuesday December 13 from 9am to 11am you can have a fresh Scandinavian start of the day with coffee (ask for a dash of cinnamon if you fancy) and a complimentary lussekatt!

If you like to know how it is celebrated at the Swedish church of Paris, you can find them here:
9 Rue Médéric
75017 Paris
01 44 29 70 00


One response to “Saint Lucia and the lussekatt

  1. We appreciate the translation into English…it would be great to be bilingual, but our advanced age that isn’t going to happen..Cheers to Peggy and the great Staff at A Priori The’….from the USA

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