December 31st: Le High Tea

December 31st from noon till 5 O’clock we have
LE HIGH TEA menu (25€)

The Tea of your Choice
Among our House Blends or Dammann Teas

A Plate of Little Sandwiches
Watercress & Almond Paste
St Moret, Stilton, Mushroom & Chestnut
Smoked Salmon & Lime Pickle, Preserved Lemon & Coriander
Egg, Cucumber, Pickle, Capers & Dill
Turkey, Celery & Cranberry Chutney
Mustard Baked Ham with Hazlenut Butter

A Plate of Scones
Served with Crème d’ Isigny &
Our homemade Cranberry, Rasberry Jam

A Plate of Miniature Sweets
Cupcake, Brownie, Cheesecake, Rugalah & Shortbread

La Coupe de Champagne
(Maison Legrand) à 5 €


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