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Healthy Start 1

We from A Priori Thé hope you had and are having a great start in the New Year.
You probably made some resolutions (something along the lines of the ones from last year ?). To make you help with these resolutions we will provide you with information and resources in this blog and of course with good food in our Paris tearooms. Because as you can see in this TED Talk video of A.J. Jacobs “How healthy living almost killed me”, it’s not only about exercising and eating healthy but about the pleasure. Without pleasure no health !
At Priori Thé we make food with love and are dedicated to serve you pleasurable and therefor healthy food.

Here’s to a healthy start !


All About Tea

An interesting article about tea on the Friends Eat blog:

Happy New Year

A Priori The souhaite Bonne Année 2012 aux clients, à l’équipe et à tout le monde qui nous ont permis de continuer de fournir nos spécialités “Home Made in Paris” depuis 1980 !

Croquer la vie !

cookie heart

A Priori Thé wishes a Happy New Year to our clients, staff and everybody who made and makes it possible to deliver our “Home Made in Paris” specialities since 1980.

Don’t nibble, take a full bite out of life !