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Caffeine Application

There are a lot of foodie applications for smartphones out there and I thought it was about time that I checked them out and share my finds with you.

It is not easy as a coffee addict to control the coffee intake while working in a tearoom. We do serve excellent Verlet coffee besides the many delicious teas at A Priori Thé, so I am confronted to the irresistible smell of coffee all day long. Well-meaning specialists & scientists, tried to convince me that too much caffeine is not good for one’s health. I am not completely convinced, but lets assume that they are right.
With a little help from an application called Caffeine Zone 2 (by Applied Cognitive Systems LLC) I can visualize my caffeine intake, when I am in my personal good level zone, when i exceed and the best is when my caffeine level runs low I get a warning message !

Caffeine Zone 2 application

That message makes me happy every time 🙂

Of course there’s also the warning message when I am overdoing the caffeine … I am still addicted but the app makes me more aware and I do choose decaf more often these days.

Next thing as add-on I suggest that the warning message is also sent to my favorite caffeine supplier nearby so my cup is ready when I arrive. Or when in non-familiar territories that the app indicates the nearest coffee outlet !
And you tea-addicts are not off the hook, the app handles tea as well !