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Sorry but we won’t be serving breakfast for the time being.
We will be open at noon when you can enjoy our lunches, and on the weekend our brunches.
We’ll be serving our homemade teatime goodies : scones , cheesecake, crumbles, Queen of Sheba gâteau, with our house tea blends and dark rich hot chocolate.
Open till 6 pm every day !


Caffeine Application

There are a lot of foodie applications for smartphones out there and I thought it was about time that I checked them out and share my finds with you.

It is not easy as a coffee addict to control the coffee intake while working in a tearoom. We do serve excellent Verlet coffee besides the many delicious teas at A Priori Thé, so I am confronted to the irresistible smell of coffee all day long. Well-meaning specialists & scientists, tried to convince me that too much caffeine is not good for one’s health. I am not completely convinced, but lets assume that they are right.
With a little help from an application called Caffeine Zone 2 (by Applied Cognitive Systems LLC) I can visualize my caffeine intake, when I am in my personal good level zone, when i exceed and the best is when my caffeine level runs low I get a warning message !

Caffeine Zone 2 application

That message makes me happy every time 🙂

Of course there’s also the warning message when I am overdoing the caffeine … I am still addicted but the app makes me more aware and I do choose decaf more often these days.

Next thing as add-on I suggest that the warning message is also sent to my favorite caffeine supplier nearby so my cup is ready when I arrive. Or when in non-familiar territories that the app indicates the nearest coffee outlet !
And you tea-addicts are not off the hook, the app handles tea as well !

Cool breeze in the Galerie Vivienne

Home made iced teas.
Smoothie light: raspberry-apple.
Iced dark A Priori chocolat.
Scone “à la folie”: served with dark chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Scone “à la folie”: served with raspberry sorbet and our red fruit sauce.

A Priori The fans

We’re in another Japanese Paris-guidebook

We’ve received a copy of a just published Japanese guidebook.

“pari de oishii ochiya jikan” or Lovely Tea Time In Paris.

Only our Japanese customers will know what they are saying, but we like the photos and the book as such looks really lovely, it makes us want to learn Japanese !

ISBN :4072829323 / 9784072829325 available at a Japanese bookstore near you.

All About Tea

An interesting article about tea on the Friends Eat blog:

December 31st: Le High Tea

December 31st from noon till 5 O’clock we have
LE HIGH TEA menu (25€)

The Tea of your Choice
Among our House Blends or Dammann Teas

A Plate of Little Sandwiches
Watercress & Almond Paste
St Moret, Stilton, Mushroom & Chestnut
Smoked Salmon & Lime Pickle, Preserved Lemon & Coriander
Egg, Cucumber, Pickle, Capers & Dill
Turkey, Celery & Cranberry Chutney
Mustard Baked Ham with Hazlenut Butter

A Plate of Scones
Served with Crème d’ Isigny &
Our homemade Cranberry, Rasberry Jam

A Plate of Miniature Sweets
Cupcake, Brownie, Cheesecake, Rugalah & Shortbread

La Coupe de Champagne
(Maison Legrand) à 5 €

31 décembre : Le High Tea (so british !)

Le 31 décembre de midi à 5 O’clock
(en trois assiettes)

Le Thé de Votre Choix
Parmi nos mélanges maison ou les thés Damman

Assiette de Petits Sandwiches:
Cresson et Crème d’Amande
St Moret, Stilton, Champignon et Chataigne
Saumon Fumé au Citron Confit, Lime Pickle & Coriandre
Salade d’Oeuf, Concombre, Cornichon, Capre & Aneth
Dinde, Celeri et Chutney d ‘Airelle
Jambon Braisé à La Moutarde avec Beurre aux Noisettes

Assiette de Scones
Servis avec Crème d’Isigny &
Notre Confiture d’Airelle, Framboise

Assiette de Mini Douceurs
Cupcake, Brownie, Cheesecake, Rugalah & Shortbread

La Coupe de Champagne
(Maison Legrand) à 5 €