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Newbies on Winter Menu

Here are two new dishes on our winter menu to warm you; body and soul.

The Winterlake Salad
This salad of mixed warm and raw vegetables contains no dairy, no meat and no wheat (if you can resist the bread !) It’s a generous serving of braised fennel, sauteed radiccio, grilled zucchini, rocket leaves, raw mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, spicy hazelnuts. With a roast garlic, preserved lemon and olive oil dressing.

New Orleans
Our warm and comforting vegetarian chili is made with a white bean and coconut cream-tomato base and has oven roasted zucchini, pumpkin & red onion. It’s garnished with lots of fresh coriander & avocado, accompanied by spicy corn fritters and salad with hazelnut oil & Tabasco dressing.

Winterlake Salad